Padding supports are located between the spring elements as well as above and below the foam layer of mattresses with spring core, Bonell and pocket spring core.

Mattress manufacturers are often referred to as fast cushions. They serve in particular to separate padding and spring core of the mattress and to protect the cushioning layers from damage by the wire of the springs.

But they should also prevent pieces of padding penetrate into the spring core and worsen its spring action. With foam core mattresses this protection is not required. You can get more information and read about online mattress brands at

Texture of upholstered supplements

To fulfill its purpose, the cushion cover must be stable and elastic. The material should also be air permeable so that the circulation of air inside the mattress is not impaired. If the protective layer is too thick or too tight, it may limit the spring action of the mattress core. In addition, the rear wall element requires a certain tear resistance so that it is not itself damaged by the friction on the steel wire of the springs.

Material for the upholstered support

For the protective layers mostly fleece or felt are used. But the padded carrier can also be made of spring lines or tension lines. When forming nonwovens, chemical fibers are generally used. If your mattress is of very high quality, the padding protection can also consist of natural fibers of plant or animal origin.

Some examples are coconut fiber or rubber coco, wool, jute or sisal. These support moisture regulation as fine pads. The cover of a mattress protects the fine cushion and transport moisture. Unsuitable cushioning materials are films and other airtight or inelastic materials.

Padas a protective back panel element

Coarse cushions on the cushion supports are designed to prevent you from feeling the springs while lying down. Depending on the craftsmanship of the mattresses, different materials are used for this purpose. In simple models, this is often a molded foam part made of cold foam or visco foam, which is connected with an adhesive to the lying surfaces.

If a foam frame is used in addition to this molded foam part, the spring core is almost completely enclosed in foam. Upholstery materials can also be found in upholstery or other upholstered furniture.

Cushion support: