We often ask how long a mattress lasts. The answer is very simple: a mattress lasts about 8-10 years. But this in general, the duration of the mattress can be subject to many factors, such as the weight of the person who uses it, how much sweat, the materials with which it is made, but above all its maintenance. So the duration of a mattress cannot be calculated with precision, but certainly, there are many ways to make it last as long as possible.

First of all, you have to buy a mattress following the advice of the experts and not letting yourself be duped by the cheapest or on offer at the large supermarket. Another good tip to follow is to keep the mattress as clean as possible. The cover should be washed often and depending on the type of mattress, it should be ventilated in the open air periodically. If the mattress can be opened by zipping, you have to make it “breathe” at least once a week, do it when you change the sheets.

Protect the mattress:

Prevent the little ones from jumping on it, especially if they are spring-loaded! Also, rotate it in the head-to-toe direction very often or if it is on two sides, turn it over once a month. You need to apply small and healthy warnings to keep the mattress as long as possible, one of which is to prevent moisture from accumulating inside it. Moisture deteriorates everything. This problem not only affects latex mattresses, as we mistakenly think, but all types of mattresses.

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Moisture accumulates in the air, especially in summer but much of that accumulates in the mattress comes from our sweat. Furthermore, humidity is the best condition for the birth of the mold. We all know how dangerous it is, especially in children. Mold, as well as generating bad smells, also cause asthma and allergies. So avoiding the accumulation of moisture inside the mattress is essential. If your bedroom or children’s room is very wet, the first thing to do is use a dehumidifier.

Protect the mattress and extend its life: