The term “suspension” is still relatively new, at least in common. In general, it is still simply a “slatted frame” spoken and also thought of just that comparatively simple construct that results in combination with mattress and frame a bed system. However, a spring suspension can do much more nowadays. It serves to balance the internal weight distribution of the body. This is not readily apparent at the mere sight of the person. Therefore, it is important that the customer sample lies. The under-springing is intended to support the body in places that are heavier or more shaped compared to the entire body. On the other hand, e.g. The shoulder part often much wider than the rest of the body silhouette. It has to have room in the bed, so it can sink in depending on the severity. The mattress can regulate this only partially alone. Therefore, the suspension should be part of this task.

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What role does the slatted frame or spring under my bed?

Many people assume that the slatted frame is not important for good and healthy sleeping. Here, however, there is a very simple rule of thumb. The better and higher the mattress is, the less important is the slatted frame.

An example: A cold foam mattress with a height of only 18cm can take up to 60% of an ergonomically good lying. The rest is then the task of the slatted frame. A pocket spring mattress with a height of 26cm you could almost put it on the floor. Here, the substructure plays almost no role anymore.

In addition, of course, the interaction of body weight and health, which may also have a significant impact?

To be on the safe side, we also offer home visits. We evaluate the current slatted frame and give recommendations which mattress types can best be combined with the slatted frame. The whole course for free.

Even when installing engine slats in an existing bed makes a home visit in advance makes perfect sense.

What is a spring suspension?